Call out for the 1st of May demonstration 2012, 19:00 Mercatorplein in Amsterdam

On the 1st of May we take over the streets and squares around the world, a tradition existing for over one hundred years. We take to the streets to strengthen our dignity and struggle, and show that it is possible to fight what oppresses us.

Queens day was once invented to make sure that Holland is experiencing a collective hangover on the 1st of May… It does not surprise us that the 1st of May tradition in Holland is only developing slowly, because social movements have always been recuperated and destroyed. But we do not want a walk around the park so people can go home having done “something”, we want a confrontational collective experience, that goes further than just that day.

We live in a time of economical and political crisis, actually a crisis of the states, banks and big companies, but the people pay the price. The political and corporate vultures just found a new stick to beat the people down with. They expect us to carry the whole weight, to not complain- everything to keep their position and bank account safe. Just because their economy has always needed rich but even more the poor, and because they want to have us addicted to work and money to keep their economy functioning.

While the ‘social securities’ are vanishing, the banks have more power than ever. In both Italy and Greece the clumsy politicians were replaced by characters of the european bank, without an election. Their ‘crisis’ is only being used to keep and increase their money flow and their democratic system. We are being kept afraid, frightened to loose our job or house, afraid of foreigners… While we should be furious. Without any shame they are destroying the earth we are living on. Everything is for sale, from war and safety, till ‘green’ feelgood-products and a social life on your smartphone.

 The crisis only exists as an excuse to locally frighten the people, and like that keep them under control with new laws and less money; elsewhere on the world the crisis is the perfect excuse to increase ruthless exploitation, and to care even less about people and the world.

The whole existence of the crisis can be doubted, because there is more than enough food to feed the whole population- its about who claims it. They can no longer fool us with their ridiculous contracts, consumerism, chipcards, camera’s, bankcards and IDcards. They are not necessary at all and never have been. What is necessary, is that people take their life and their city in to their own hands. We do not take it when people are being stopped and searched on the streets because of the colour of their skin, and then arrested because they don’t have the right papers. We do not take it to be exploited by any company or boss. We do not take when our lives are being dominated by religion.

We want to fill in our lives ourselves and together, but before we get to that point we will have to fight for it. Fight for a free world, where people are not being hindered by borders, authorities and capital. Fight for a world in which we are not numbers, and where the circus of school, work and consuming until death does no longer exist. We will not wait any longer for their next blow to hit, we wont let ourselves be frightened, we think and act for ourselves and each other. Because of all of that: lets take the streets

We will no longer let ourselves be judged on productivity

We will certainly not submit to their system

We will destroy their control and profit

Anarchy, solidarity …and never work again!



The text of the flyer in english:

Don’t swallow all the shit they serve to you

In the netherlands of 2012 it’s easy living for the rich and powerful, but getting harder and harder for normal people. The segregation between social groups is getting bigger and bigger. Whether it’s caused by bad working circumstances, the constantly growing repression by the municipality and the police or racist politicians. Youth and migrants get terrorized by the cops on the street, (flex)workers have less and less securities and by now studying has become a privilege again. The rich elite still lives an easier life than the large majority of the people. Even though their capitalist wet dream makes you believe you really need a smart phone, flat screen TV or an expensive ride before you really count, most people will have to get into debts for it.


Worldwide the problems are even worse. The crisis is being used by the states and multinationals to take away even more money from the people, and to closely watch every step we take with their cameras and bureaucracy. Let’s rise up against the robotization of the city and the world, against the bosses and landlords, against politicians, the big companies and the E.U. We want to live in a free world where you are not being judged on productivity or on how much you adapt to this system. A world based on solidarity, in which people are more important than profit and power. Let’s take to the streets!


Strikers, hard workers and unemployed, teddy-bear- and bastard migrants, housemen and housewives, school drop-outs and students… Organise and rebel!


Come on Tuesday the 1st of May to the demonstration; 19.00 Mercatorplein, in Amsterdam



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